iD right in front

Excellent software solutions do not fall from the sky. They are the result of our extensive specialist knowledge paired with many years of experience and the ambition to always be at the forefront of technical progress.

Innovation at iD-Engineering means looking ahead from a holistic perspective.

Experience in a wide variety of areas gives us an eye for the big picture. They also give us the ability to create links in order to think our solutions holistically and ahead.

For example, the topic of sustainability is highly relevant in almost every area. Due to the increasing volume of information and increasing complexity of systems, the term has so far had no significance in the technology industry.

However, we are convinced that Green IT through data reduction and optimized use of computer resources will be an important topic in the future. This is why we are already designing our solutions to be as lean, resource-saving and efficient as possible!

Our research serves innovation. Innovation, in turn, serves our customers alone. This is what we understand by customer service.

Innovation and research also form the intersection with the Innovative Living Institute (ILI).