PACS Cloud – The leading standard everywhere

PACS Cloud is the web interface for your own access and authorization management. Personal data can be collected independently by authorized users from any location and managed by a central instance. All that is required is a browser-enabled device.

The use of PACS Cloud is already worthwhile for small and private events, but also for major events and for resellers. The areas of application are diverse. They range from local clubs and sports events – construction sites and company events – to golf clubs, concerts and large tennis tournaments.

PACS Cloud is suitable for all needs

  • universally applicable and accessible
  • high-efficient and user friendly
  • with a data-saving mobile network solution
  • guarantees 100% data protection and security according to PACS standards (GDPR compliant)
  • collected data can be reused in the following year
iD card creation with PACS Cloud
PACS Cloud enables the independent creation of visitor cards, ID cards as well as their individual design. All you need is a card printer and card blanks.

In case that materials or devices are not available, they can be procured from iD’s extensive industry network.

On request, iD also takes care of the complete card printing. This makes it possible to obtain exclusive card formats, that have been used in Formula 1 VIP areas for years.