Safety plays a major role in industry. In addition to the physical protection of workers, the relevance of secure access and authorization management is constantly increasing with regard to industrial spies and gaps in the overall system.

Whether used at shareholder meetings, in supplier management or for the access to critical work areas.

iD’s solutions link all security relevant systems, thus closing existing security gaps and reducing the dependency on individual software suppliers at the same time.


Airports have very specific security requirements. The processes are not only complex, but also have to meet strict legal requirements, especially in the field of aviation security.

iD-Engineering offers the solution for badge and authorization management. For employees, visitors and external companies. At all levels and in compliance with the German Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG).

Education & Public

Whether the introduction of city cards and student IDs, cashless billing systems in companies or access authorizations in hospitals.

The solutions offered by iD-Engineering in the education and public sector are almost unlimited. They range from manageable small units – to unique out-of-the-box solutions – to complex complete solutions.