Based on many years of experience, we know what we do, what works and what doesn’t. Our methods are classic, in the best sense of the word. That means project-related, thorough, target-oriented, comprehensive, fast. Without detours and with an eye for the essential and feasible.


Our aim is to offer the optimum solution to our customers. That is why we develop visionary, holistic solutions with a sight on the big-picture. These solutions include in addition to the system, also the infrastructure that is individually required for the use of system.


When designing new solutions, the focus lies on the client as well as the everyday users of the system. For the development of discrete, user-friendly systems, we always look at the application from the user’s perspective. This is the only way to ensure that they serve you in the best possible way.


Due to the differentiated background of our founders and the proximity to the ILI, the requirements of our clients can be examined from different perspectives. This results in innovative, absolutely safe solutions.


Cooperation with iD-Enginieering means: open and honest interaction with each other. All tasks and duties are defined clearly and jointly at the beginning of the project. In this way, our customers are not surprised by any hidden costs.

Sustainability 4.0

We are aware of our systems’ impact in all areas. With the aim of conserving resources, Green IT, energy efficiency, longevity and reliability, we design our solutions to be as customer-oriented and lean as possible.