iD-Engineering is a company of the Innovative Living Institute

The Innovative Living Institute (ILI) based in Essen is a partner company of iD-Engineering. The interdisciplinary knowledge platform occupies a leading position as independent innovation driver and economic developer for companies, institutions, municipalities and regions.

The ILI deals with the main topics of market development and the resulting opportunities to generate new products, services and business models.

It is unique in its special conception, composition and always result-oriented orientation.

The holistic yet realistic view of what is economically and technically feasible also forms the interface between the ILI and iD-Engineering. It plays a decisive role both in engineering and in the development of innovative strategies and concepts.

Thus, individual customer requirements, which exceed the limits of information technology do not represent an obstacle for iD-Engineering.

Together with the ILI, intelligent concepts and system solutions are created. These are always visionary, application-oriented and applicable in the foreseeable future.